Remote working is no longer just a trend, it has grown to revolutionize workplaces and cultures across the globe.

Since 2005, there has been a 159% increase in the remote workforce which can be attributed to the fact that it is a win-win solution for both employees and companies.

Not only are remote workers happier and more productive, but this way of working has also proved to be cost-effective for companies while giving them access to a wider talent pool.

With more and more companies going partially or fully remote, there has been a shift in the way remote jobs are being perceived. They’re no longer looked at as illegitimate or a means to make “quick money”.

Remote jobs are as real as it gets, and with some of the largest companies going remote, one can be a remote worker, make progress in their career, enjoy the flexibility and earn good money at the same time.

Hoping to land a remote job that pays well? Here are some of the highest-paying remote jobs in 2020.

1. Front-End Developer

Behind every website, is a front-end developer implementing designs and coding languages to create websites that not only look good but are also responsive and functional while contributing towards a user-friendly experience.

With the growing importance of having an online presence, there has been a spike in the demand for front-end developers.

In order to qualify, you need to be well-versed with the various web development languages (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript), tools, and frameworks. Apart from the technical skills, recruiters also expect front-end developers to be good communicators and problem solvers.

Average salary: $126,750/year

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2. Marketing Manager

Gone are the times when it was imperative for marketers to be sitting together and working out of a traditional office set-up.

Considering that most of the marketing is digital, it’s opened avenues for working remotely. Whether you’re strategizing marketing plans, running digital campaigns, creating creative content or doing PR outreach – it’s not necessary to work in close proximity to each other.

Speaking of high-paying remote jobs in the marketing space, that of a marketing head/manager certainly makes the cut.

Being a manager, it’s about strategizing, developing plans and overseeing the marketing functions from planning to execution. All of this can be done remotely with the right access to tools, exceptional communication skills and the ability to hire the right talent.

Average salary: $ 62,664/year

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3. Product Manager

From conceptualizing and designing the product to looking into the marketing activities, forecasting and being in charge of the P&L – a product manager is responsible for building products and setting its roadmap for success.

With everything that product managers are responsible for, it’s common to wonder if this job can be done remotely. The answer is – yes, it is possible to work remotely as a product manager and do a good job at it.

What’s important is being crystal clear about your expectations to avoid miscommunication, while being quick to respond and follow through.

Average salary: $ 95,003/year

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4. Recruitment Consultant

Another well-paying remote job is that of a recruitment consultant. Technology has hugely benefited hiring processes, making it extremely convenient for recruiters to telecommute and hire remotely.

As a virtual recruiter, you’ll need to understand what the company is looking for and have the knack to scope the right candidates. It’s also important to be a strong negotiator and be the bridge between the company and prospective candidates.

While there is no particular degree required, it’s advisable to have a recruiting or HR background, especially in the industry you’re recruiting for.

Average salary: $ 80,124/year

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5. Business Analyst

As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2024, the demand for business analysts is expected to increase by 14%.

A business analyst is brought onboard to analyze the company’s health, assess existing processes, provide financial insights and develop strategies to help the business grow or overcome a challenge.

This job offers the opportunity to work remotely and freelance for multiple clients too.

You are expected to have a bachelor’s degree in the related industry, be a critical thinker and have the ability to solve problems.

Average salary: $ 88,770/year

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6. Cloud Architect

The adoption of cloud computing has given rise to a new role – cloud architect.

As fancy as it sounds, cloud architects are responsible for managing companies’ cloud computing strategies.

From the planning and design to management, negotiating with third parties and solving problems related to the cloud – a cloud architect guides companies on cloud adoption while mitigating risk,

In order to become a cloud architect, you need to have the required certifications and professional degrees. Some notable certifications you could look at securing include AWS Certified Solutions Architect, Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect, and IBM Cloud Computing Solution Architect,

Average salary: $ 132,544/year

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While these are high-paying remote jobs that give you the flexibility to work from the comfort of your home, it’s important to acknowledge that remote working is not for everyone and is not as glamorous as it sounds.

In order to succeed as a remote worker, you need to be immensely self-motivated, organized and communicate effectively.

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash

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